Omaha Drug Charges Lawyer: Cannabis New Exit from Hard Drugs

The blog of Daniel Stockmann, Omaha drug charges lawyer, often covers hot news topics in Nebraska and the United States concerning marijuana. This month, the blog features a news piece from NORML, an organization dedicated to providing the country with accurate information and news about marijuana in hopes of moving the publics opinion toward legalization. The latest news from NORML highlights cannabis use and its potential positive effects on those addicted to hard drugs.

Cannabis as a Potential Treatment for Drug Dependence

A recent study by Canadian researchers this month found that intentional consumption of cannabis is positively associated with reduced use of crack cocaine. Participants in a three-year study showed that over time their use of crack cocaine became less frequent after consuming marijuana. This is important research because it adds a new angle to the debate on marijuana. The old belief that marijuana is a gateway drug is flipped on its axis. This data is in favor of cannabis being the new exit from hard drugs.

Cannabinoid Therapies are Worthy of Research

It’s no secret that crack cocaine use is a severe problem in the United States. The idea that cannabis may be an effective therapy is good news. What with the extreme costs of many current treatment programs and the high mortality rate surrounding crack cocaine use that continues to remain a constant, it may be time to explore other therapies more intensely.

Data Favors Cannabis and Its Effect on Hard Drugs

This news goes hand in hand with existing studies that show opioid use and deaths related to the use of these drugs are less in areas where marijuana use is legalized. A researcher from California recently found interesting results from a study. In places that had implemented legalized medical marijuana policies, the amount of hospitalizations due to opioid or prescription medication use significantly decreased. Across the nation, there is also data that shows cocaine use among adults has fallen at the same time that adults use of marijuana has increased. Cannabis use and cannabinoid treatment therapies may be the future for helping those addicted to hard drugs.

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