Omaha Drug Lawyer: Legalization Doesn’t Increase Drug Use

Many opposers of legalized marijuana believe that legalization will only lead to increased drug use. If marijuana is legal to consume and purchase, then surely more people will be drawn to it. However, a recent article published by MarketWatch notes that legalizing marijuana might not do much of anything when all is said and done. Omaha drug lawyer Daniel Stockmann, who frequently works with clients facing drug charges in a state where marijuana is currently illegal, finds that the restrictive laws often do nothing but harm citizens’ qualities of life. Legalization may help many people across the country avoid legal trouble. With more and more research being done on this controversial subject, it may be safe to say that at the very least legalization will not increase drug use.

Does Legalizing Marijuana Have a Profound Effect?

MarketWatch cites a recent paper from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that says states with relaxed marijuana regulations have had little effect on marijuana use. This also includes minimal effects on other drug use and crime rates. This news may come as a surprise to those fighting against legalization, who often believe that marijuana use will profoundly increase the occurrence of other illegal activities. What researchers have noted, however, is that in areas where marijuana is legal, it may not have changed much in the culture since many people were already consuming it regardless of the laws. It’s hard to say whether this data is reflective of marijuana itself or simply the existing attitudes toward pot culture.

What Could Happen with Increased Legalization

Even though this recent news appears to not take a firm stance on either side of the legalization debate, it may bode well for pro-cannabis activists. If legalizing marijuana does not affect usage rates, then what is getting in the way? While this may remain a touchy subject, people fighting for legalized medical and recreational pot use still believe that legalization will help more people than it could potentially hurt. Medical marijuana benefits aside, it’s believed that legalization will put a stop to the increasing drug arrests and overcapacity jails and prisons around the country. An article from PennLive notes that even though marijuana acceptance is on the rise, marijuana possession arrests continue to increase in Pennsylvania. In fact, from 2010 to 2016, these types of arrests increased 33%, which resulted in a startling cost of more than $225 million to local taxpayers. This alone can be remedied with legalization.

Omaha Drug Lawyer Daniel Stockmann Can Help You

While Nebraska remains a state with conservative attitudes toward marijuana, Omaha drug lawyer Daniel Stockmann remains a trusted source of guidance to anyone facing drug charges. He has worked with hundreds of clients and successfully helped them manage their charges and reduce the damage in their lives. His specialized experience with marijuana arrests makes him a valuable asset in this time of strongly opposing viewpoints on the issue. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation with the law, please fill out the free case evaluation form on this page or call (844) 906-0641 today.