Criminal Defense Attorney Omaha: CO to Crackdown on Weed

As a criminal defense attorney of Omaha, Daniel Stockmann, is quite familiar with Colorado’s marijuana laws and regulations. Understanding cannabis use in a legalized state is crucial to understanding how to help citizens of a state with opposing policies if they face any drug charges. Though the perception of Colorado’s stance on marijuana is liberal, there are many rules in place to ensure safe usage of the substance for all legal consumers. This year, as the weed industry is thriving, more regulations are being proposed to better control consumption and sales.

Current Marijuana Laws in Colorado

According to the state of Colorado’s official website, there are several key laws that most people are – or should be – aware of before purchasing or consuming marijuana in Colorado.

  • It is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase/use marijuana.
  • It is illegal for any marijuana products to move across state lines.
  • It is illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana.
  • It is illegal to consume marijuana and its products in public.
  • Only licensed organizations are allowed to sell marijuana.

These laws make up the basis of cannabis culture in Colorado. Though these and other regulations have proved mostly effective thus far, there are still ways that the industry can be improved upon.

Changes to Colorado’s Cannabis Industry

A recent article published by Civilized, a pro-cannabis organization striving to represent the culture in a positive light, discusses five new bills that have been passed by Colorado’s state legislature. These bills will hopefully make the industry more efficient and improve the culture even more by benefiting both users and sellers of the cannabis plant. Over time, the state will see the following differences:

Changes to Employee Training

With the new bill, new hires of marijuana businesses will be able to start working much quicker and with less supervision than previously required. There are no plans to skimp on training employees; the plan is simply to make more efficient use of training time and get workers integrated into the business sooner rather than later.

Better Ways to Move Dispensaries

This change is simple. Previously, if a dispensary tried to change locations in Colorado it was required that they pay the startup fees again and re-apply for licenses. Now marijuana businesses will only have to pay moving fees and can keep their current licenses, meaning a shorter interruption for sales.

Healthier, Safer Marijuana Products

New programs are being implemented that will better test marijuana and its various products for contamination. If a product tests positive for contamination on two or more tests, it must be destroyed. This will benefit anyone who participates in the current marijuana culture by keeping their health a main priority.

Medical-Infused Wholesale Marijuana

Medical-infused growers will now be able to sell wholesale marijuana.

Better Regulated Product Labels

States with legalized cannabis are beginning to work together to form a universal labeling system for all marijuana products. This will streamline production and help customers better understand the market and what they’re consuming.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Omaha Can Count On

Because of Nebraska’s proximity to the legalized cannabis industry of Colorado, these new changes are likely to influence the state in some way. While they will most surely help Coloradans better navigate weed culture, it’s still important to note that traveling with any of these newly regulated products across state lines remains a federal offense. It is crucial for criminal defense attorneys like Daniel Stockmann to be well-versed in all changes in surrounding areas. If you or someone you know needs legal guidance or is facing drug charges, turn to experienced attorney Stockmann today. He can help make sense of the ever-changing culture and help you find your best outcome. Fill out the free case evaluation form on this page or call (844) 906-0641 today.