Omaha Marijuana Defense Lawyer: Legalized Marijuana on the 2018 Ballot

Omaha marijuana defense lawyer Daniel Stockmann sees countless cases due to Nebraska’s unyielding cannabis legislation. Despite the fact that neighboring states have legalized it for recreational use, and a number states around the country have at least approved it for medicinal purposes, the Cornhusker State has refused to give in and continues to prosecute people for possession, growing, transporting, and selling cannabis. Three organizations are making headlines, as they try to get some form of legalization on the 2018 ballot.

Medical Marijuana is the Topic at Hand

Nebraska Families 4 Medical Cannabis,  Legal Marijuana Now, and Omaha National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) are the three of the main groups  joining together to get new legislation in front of voters. Nebraska Families 4 Medical Cannabis is an organization that supports families of children with epilepsy. Many of those who lead the group are mothers who have tried every approved medicinal solution to provide their children with some measure of relief from seizures, only to find modern medicine lacking in effectiveness. Cannabis is widely used in seizure prevention, and is generally given in oil form or used in a vaporizer. It is also touted as a treatment for chronic pain, nausea, severe muscle spasms, and glaucoma.

The Groups Plan to Start Collecting Signatures in 2017

The groups will need 120,000 signatures from registered voters, a target they felt they could not reach by July in order to get it on the November general election ballot. They hope that volunteers will step up to the plate and assist them, though the only bill that has successfully made it to the ballot in more than 20 years using volunteers only was the gay marriage ban in 2000. It’s estimated that a campaign using paid signature gatherers could run upwards of $600,000. No word has been released on how much money the groups have raised so far.

Senator Tommy Garrett May Try for an Earlier Bill

While these groups are funneling their efforts into 2018, State Senator Tommy Garrett has said he is considering proposing new legislation in 2017 if he’s reelected. He sponsored Legislative Bill 643 and is supportive of the efforts of the groups, but would like to see the change happen much sooner. “We’re going to keep fighting,” the senator explained. “At the end of the day, it’s about those sick and suffering people.”

Omaha Marijuana Defense Lawyer

In the meantime, Omaha marijuana defense lawyer Daniel Stockmann will continue helping those accused of drug crimes. As it stands now, even mothers attempting to calm their children’s seizures are considered criminals, though this could change if either Senator Garrett or the groups are successful. Unfortunately, we’re still more than a year away from seeing any of their efforts come to fruition. If you or a loved one is facing cannabis charges, contact Omaha marijuana defense lawyer Daniel Stockmann at (844) 545-3022 for a free case evaluation now.