Omaha Marijuana Defense Lawyer Reports: Nebraska Arrest / Enforcement Costs Rising

A new report published by the University of Nebraska at Omaha has confirmed something Omaha marijuana defense lawyer Daniel Stockmann has been saying all along: the crackdown on cannabis is massive in the state and the resulting expenses are increasing. It’s estimated that Colorado is bringing in an estimated $80 million in revenue on top of the money the state is saving by not enforcing its previous laws, but the border states are now paying the costs.

Background of the Study

The study was written by Ryan Spohn, Ph.D. , Director of the Nebraska Center for Justice Research and Jared Ellison, a UNO doctoral student. The researchers looked into how Nebraska’s arrests and costs have fared since Colorado legalized marijuana by passing Amendment 64 in 2012. The data comprised of a solid span of four years before the laws changed and the first year after the change occurred.

Main Findings

  • From 2013 to 2014, the arrest rate for marijuana in Nebraska jumped 11%.
  • The hardest-hit areas are along the Colorado border, the panhandle, and Nebraska’s infamous Interstate 80.
  • Counties along Interstate 80 have also seen the greatest increases in people jailed for weed-related crimes.
  • Possession arrests have increased more than other offenses, including sale and manufacture arrests.
  • The cost of enforcement rose 11.6% from 2013 to 2014, bringing the total to $10.2 million.


2013 2014
Jailed for Cannabis 1,376 1,406
Marijuana Sales Arrests 372 430
Possession Arrests 7293 8,135
Costs (Including Revenue) $9,153,157 $10,215,668

From an Omaha Marijuana Defense Lawyer: How this Affects You

Costs: It isn’t just the people who are arrested for cannabis-related crimes that are having issues because of the way Nebraska is enforcing the laws. After any incoming revenue from fines was tabulated along with the expenses, taxpayers still spent $10,215,668.

Travel: Most of this money is spent patrolling Interstate 80. Law enforcement is known for targeting out-of-state drivers and for setting up false drug stops to trick people into pulling off the interstate. These tactics affect countless law-abiding citizens.

Arrests: Around 63% of the state’s arrests occurred in counties along Interstate 80.

Omaha Marijuana Defense Lawyer

Make no mistake, Nebraska is coming down hard on people for marijuana-related crimes and the state is willing to spend serious cash to see people arrested and brought to trial. If you or a loved one was arrested, whether along Interstate 80 or any of the other high-volume areas, you will need the help of a skilled Omaha marijuana defense lawyer. The right attorney may be able to have your charges reduced or dropped, and the decision you make now can mean all the difference between jail time and walking free. Omaha marijuana defense lawyer Daniel Stockmann has been serving the region for nearly two decades. He creates strong defense strategies based on the facts of each case and fights aggressively for his clients. To schedule your free case evaluation with Mr. Stockmann, call (844) 545-3022 today.