Omaha Marijuana Defense Lawyer: Nebraska Reconsiders Medical Marijuana

As of 2017, Nebraska is one of few states that still completely prohibits medical marijuana in all forms. It is also the state that has one of the highest marijuana arrest rates in the country, even with some of its decriminalized practices. Omaha marijuana defense lawyer Daniel Stockmann often defends clients in these charges. This year, there are hopeful supporters of a new bill that will legalize medical marijuana in Nebraska and potentially reduce the stigma around the drug.

What This Bill Will Change for Citizens of Nebraska

If passed, the Medical Cannabis Act (LB 622) will allow patients with certain ailments to use medical cannabis upon recommendation from their doctor. To qualify, the patient must be a resident of Nebraska and submit an application, signed disclosure and consent forms, and a physicians certification to the Department of Health and Human Services for approval. This is to show that the patient has a condition that qualifies for the use of medical cannabis. The qualifying conditions include: glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, ALS, seizures, or chronic pain among cancer and terminally ill patients.

If a patient qualifies to obtain medical cannabis, there are still some limits to how and where its consumed. Smoking is prohibited, but consuming marijuana through vaporization (of cannabis oil) is allowed. Whole plant extracts and resins in the form of liquid, oil, or pill are the only forms allowed. Consuming and possessing marijuana would still be illegal on school busses, school grounds, correctional facilities, and child care facilities.

Medical Cannabis has the Majority Support

LB 622 failed to pass through the Nebraska legislature last year. Though its sure to face plenty of resistance this year when it reaches the floor, there are many in support of its passing. Nearly 60% of Nebraska citizens believe that medical marijuana should be legalized. Much of its support comes from military veterans and parents who have children with health conditions that could benefit from cannabis oil. Either people are directly affected by conditions that medical marijuana could help alleviate or they know someone in their personal lives who could benefit. Its a compelling case for many.


Its also the national trend to legalize medical marijuana. As of January 2017, only four states were not participating in the trend. Even traditionally conservative North Dakota has allowed medical marijuana use. Those in favor of LB 622 remind opponents that the bill would not change the states overall drug policy and attitude. The bill does not even allow cultivation of the drug. It is simply pushing for legalized medicinal use. Supporters hope that legislators understand this and will soon get on board. Getting on board would mean that many Nebraskans could soon have relief from insufferable health conditions.

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