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What Does “Trafficking” Entail?

Drug trafficking is a serious offense that has been getting a lot of attention lately. Within Nebraska and the United States, drug laws are becoming stricter and harsher. Drug trafficking, in particular, is a term that has become broader than ever before. Even so, knowing the terms used within drug trafficking is a good start … Continue reading What Does “Trafficking” Entail?

How Courts Prove Possession With Intent to Deliver

One of the most common drug charges in Nebraska includes possession with intent to deliver. Largely, this is because of the highway system that runs throughout the state. Possession with intent to deliver charges are quite different and more significant than a simple possession charge. Most drug offenses like this often carry a minimum sentence, … Continue reading How Courts Prove Possession With Intent to Deliver

What is Prescription Fraud?

Across the United States, there has been a rise in the number of prescription fraud drug cases. Part of this is because there are more people addicted to opioids and other types of drugs. Another cause is the fact that people are getting prescriptions and selling them for money. Other people are using them recreationally. … Continue reading What is Prescription Fraud?

Do You Need A Lawyer To Plead Guilty?

For so many people, the law can be extremely confusing and disturbing. If you have committed a crime and face charges for it, you will eventually have to come to a decision that can be life-changing: whether or not to plead guilty to your charge. For example, if you face a possession with intent charge, … Continue reading Do You Need A Lawyer To Plead Guilty?