Local Tribe May Soon Need an Omaha Drug Trafficking Lawyer

A local Native American tribe may soon need an Omaha drug trafficking attorney, as their latest plot to generate desperately-needed revenue won’t be tolerated by Nebraska authorities. According to reports from Omaha.com, the tribe has been struggling financially, with an estimated 69 percent of the reservation’s 3,500 members battling unemployment. Although reservations are typically considered sovereign nations, a federal prosecutor says this doesn’t exempt them from drug laws.

The tribe initially hoped that the federal government would treat the reservation as it does other states and allow the legality of marijuana to be decided at a local level. In other states, Tribes had successfully begun regulated marijuana sales, so the local tribe held a vote and decided to go forward with plans to legalize marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use near the end of last year. Though the tribe was attempting to do things above board, the feds essentially suggested they’d better retain an Omaha drug trafficking lawyer if they chose to act on their plans. At the same time, South Dakota’s Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe, which had previously enacted similar legislation, was forced to destroy their crop when word came down that they were about to become the subjects of a raid.

The tribe had no choice but to shelf their plan to legalize marijuana, though they have turned their sights to something that may prove just as illegal – growing industrial hemp. Both hemp and marijuana come from the same family, though hemp traditionally contains less than  0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Many states have chosen to largely deregulate hemp farming because of its ultra-low THC content. Nebraska’s laws only allow postsecondary education institutions and the Department of Agriculture to grow it, and only under precise conditions, after government approval for each site. A tribal representative told Omaha.com that they, “don’t know yet if it’s worth the trouble,” but they plan to continue researching their options.

It’s clear that the tribe is doing everything it can to comply with all laws at this time. However, the federal government is targeting anyone who grows hemp or marijuana in states that have not yet made it legal. This has sent a lot of people in search of an Omaha drug attorney, and if you’ve become a target as well, it’s best to get legal representation right away.

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