Omaha Marijuana Defense Lawyer: Can Weed & Sports Coexist?

Daniel Stockmann is an Omaha marijuana defense lawyer with years of experience. His blog often covers news stories about marijuana use and societys perception of it. Early last year, marijuana use and college athletics were tied together with a new perspective. The National College Athletic Association (NCAA) declared a new stance on recreational substance use among college athletes, and it caught a lot of buzz. As more research is done on marijuana and its effects on physical health, there may soon be a new rise in how people feel about the combination. Can weed and sports coexist?

The NCAA Takes Substance Use Seriously

As the controversy around marijuana use continues, there has been a change in its perception among college sports. In the past, the NCAA has had strict policies on drug use and drug testing for college athletes – and the consequences that go along with it. In order to participate in NCAA sports, one must test negative for all drugs included in their predetermined classes. Even supplemental products may contain ingredients and substances banned by the NCAA. There are also safe ingredients that are banned if found in certain amounts. For example, too much caffeine found in the system can raise a red flag. In short, the regulations were strict. Marijuana was no exception; any product containing THC was banned by the NCAA.

Schools Ease Up on Marijuana Regulations

In early 2014, the NCAA opted to lessen the severity of repercussions for student athletes using recreational substances, particularly marijuana. After the Associated Press investigated marijuana tolerance among 57 athletic colleges, they found that 23 schools had eased sanctions for athletes testing positive for cannabis. The new punishment for testing positive for this substance was reduced from sitting out for a full season to just half a season.

This did, of course, mean more for some states than it did for others. State law must still be upheld when it comes to recreational substances. In states where cannabis is legal to consume, this punishment is definitely less severe than in states where marijuana is still illegal. The risk of facing suspension and arrest for consuming illegal marijuana will likely pack a heavier punch for college athletes in restricted states.

NCAA Redefines Cannabis and Its Effects

The basis for this new policy by the NCAA comes from the separation of marijuana from performance-enhancing drugs. Cannabis is no longer defined as one of these substances. Rather, this so-called street drug has new connotations in order to encourage proper rehabilitation for athletes testing positive for it. However, performance-enhancing drugs are still highly regulated and not permitted under any circumstances. Steroid substances, especially those without a prescription, fall under a zero-tolerance policy. However, as more and more people are gaining a new understanding of marijuana and its effects, weed and sports may soon coexist.

Retain an Experienced Omaha Marijuana Defense Lawyer

As collegiate policies are ever-changing and state laws may be unclear, there are often situations in which one ends up in hot water. This is why having an attorney behind you with years of experience and a high sense of professionalism can be invaluable. If you or a loved one is facing drug charges of any type, reach out to dedicated Omaha marijuana defense lawyer Daniel Stockmann. Call (844) 906-0641 to schedule your appointment today.