Omaha Drug Charges Lawyer: First MJ Trials Allowed By LB390 Underway

Our Omaha drug charges lawyer blog previously covered LB390’s struggle and approval process. The bill has a very limited scope, but it allows for some testing of medications that derive from marijuana. Though LB390 passed in 2015, researchers were not able to begin their study on whether cannabidiol is of benefit to people who suffer from severe seizures until recently.

The UNMC Study Involves 25 Patients

The University of Nebraska Medical Center is carrying out the research, which the state provided $500,000 to help fund. All of the people involved have been suffering from epileptic seizures since childhood and will receive cannabidiol to help control the convulsions. The research could last as much as two years. Previous studies, including those carried out by a drug manufacturer, have indicated that it’s highly effective, can improve the lives of those affected, and has a very low incidence of side effects.

Cannabidiol May Become Available as a Prescription

GWPharma, a British drug company, is conducting clinical trials on their medication Epidiolex. It’s made from pure cannabidiol, which can account for as much as 40% of a plant’s total extracts. The company is using the Sativa strain of marijuana and hopes to reapply to the FDA for approval sometime in the first half of 2017.

The Fight to Get Approval for Testing in Nebraska has Been Tough

Senator Sue Crawford, who introduced the bill, took to the cause in 2013 after hearing stories of families struggling to help their children. “It took a while to build support for the CBD research because it was linked to marijuana,” she said. They worked hard to get the message across that it would be low THC, not like the marijuana used for recreational use. She also added that they had to prove their stance to many organizations, including law enforcement and anti-drug coalitions.

Those involved in the study will receive their medications at no charge, though they must be lifelong seizure sufferers who have not found an effective medication to help control their conditions. Dr. Deepak Madhavan, the principal investigator for the UNMC study was quoted in an official statement released by the hospital. “There are individuals in Nebraska who suffer from treatment-resistant seizures for which currently available treatment options have been ineffective,” the statement read. “This study will broaden our knowledge of the safety and effectiveness of cannabidiol in treating these patients.”

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