Weed Lawyer in Omaha: California Licenses Spur Legalization

Daniel Stockmann, top weed lawyer in Omaha, works with many clients on their drug-related cases. Because Nebraska is a state that opposes all legalized forms of marijuana, it’s no surprise that citizens of the state often end up in hot water over seemingly minor marijuana incidents. This cannabis culture is a stark contrast to the cultures of legalized states across the country. Colorado, its neighboring state, is especially different considering its liberalized cannabis industry shares a border with illegal Nebraska. California is also expanding its cannabis industry, with progress being made every year. Metro areas in the west coast state continue to dive into the marijuana industry, following their neighbors. Just this year, Los Angeles opened its first two licensed adult-use dispensaries.

MedMen Expands to Los Angeles

In January 2018, the Los Angeles Times published an article announcing the first two licensed adult-use dispensaries to open in LA (“adult-use” is defined as any non-medical use of cannabis). The new dispensaries are part of the MedMen chain, which has several other locations in California with even more projected to open. There are also MedMen shops in New York and several planned for business in Nevada. But the two newly licensed shops in LA are a big forward step for the cannabis industry and widespread acceptance of the plant. LA Times mentions that though these are the only two licensed shops as of now, there is a list of 65 more businesses in Los Angeles waiting on their state licenses.

Dual-Licensing Process in California

Getting a state license in California is a two-step process. First, entities must get approved per their local jurisdiction for temporary sales of medicinal or recreational cannabis products. According to Be Green Legal’s website, city councils must first evaluate potential marijuana dispensaries to see that they meet the proper requirements for operation. In other words, the business must be approved for its intent to protect people and the environment. This may mean obtaining land use, building, and/or operator permits. From there, the state of California can issue a state license if they see fit. Because Los Angeles remains an important metropolitan hub of the state, positive reception of the new MedMen shops may mean the rest could open quickly.

What This Means for Nebraska

The amount of licensed adult-use cannabis dispensaries projected to open in California just this year means big changes are coming for the legalization movement. California and other legal states’ influence may eventually push opponents of cannabis to reconsider. The potential revenue from the cannabis industry is sure to be appealing for other state legislatures, but only time will tell. For Nebraska citizens and Daniel Stockmann, this could one day mean an entirely new attitude from law enforcement and government officials concerning marijuana. In the meantime, Nebraska remains an illegal state for both medical and recreational cannabis.

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