Omaha Drug Crimes Defense Lawyers to See Prescription Loopholes Close

Omaha drug crimes defense lawyers may see an increase in prescription drug cases, starting in as little as a year. New legislation was unanimously passed just a few weeks ago that will put new monitoring systems in place, while removing individual opt-out rights previously existed for Nebraskans. Given that many states already have much tougher prescription drug laws in place and the popularity of the legislation, state officials expect Governor Ricketts to sign off on it soon.

Legislative Bill 471 was Spearheaded by Omaha Senator Sara Howard

Due to a personal tragedy within her own family, State Senator Sara Howard has been a staunch advocate for the passage of LB 471. According to reports from, the number of deaths due to overdose in Nebraska sits well below the national average, though it has doubled since 2008. While many states have strict monitoring and tracking requirements that curb the misuse of these and other medications, Nebraska’s laws have been fairly lax, and even enabled individuals to opt out for privacy reasons, and not be tracked at all.

LB 471 will Make Reporting Mandatory

The current system not only has lax requirements about reporting, but also charges medical professionals a fee for reviewing the files. While Omaha drug crimes defense lawyers might presently see a few cases related to prescription drug issues, the system was largely underutilized, and true problems were going undetected. If LB 471 is signed into law, pharmacists across the state will be required to notate the system when certain prescriptions are filled, starting as early as 2017. Legislation also calls for monitoring of controlled substances earmarked for veterinary use, beginning in 2018.

The Law will Not Make Checking the Registry Mandatory

Interestingly, legislation as it’s proposed now will not force entities to check the digital registry before prescribing a medication. It will, however, enable doctors, dentists, nurse practitioners, and other medical professionals free and uninhibited access to the system, should they wish to check on a patient’s status. In other words, just because a physician does not check beforehand, it does not mean that patients’ prescriptions are not being monitored. For this reason, those unaware of the new system may be able to continue to “doctor shop” or alternate between pharmacies, but the behavior would still be logged. For this reason, Omaha drug crimes defense lawyers will likely see a new surge in prescription drug cases. Those who attempt to “game the system” are not only more likely to be caught, but will also have a fair amount of evidence against them when charges are brought.

Omaha Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

Nebraska treats all drug cases very seriously, regardless of whether they’re street drugs or prescription. If you’ve been charged with an offense related to a controlled substance, you’ll need the help of an experienced Omaha drug crimes defense lawyer. Daniel Stockmann has been helping people deal with Nebraska charges since 1999. For a no-obligation case evaluation, call (844) 545-3022 today.